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Tanya, thanks again for our wonderful photos !! Just space, how did you manage to shoot us in gray October as if it were sunny July and without a drop of processing! I think this is a special level of skill! Such juicy photos, such incredible angles! Emotions, best moments - you caught everything! And super nice that on the first day you can see the first shots! You are a real fairy and I wish you more cool shots and more thankful viewers! It is incredibly easy with you and even my husband is a stern and shackled person in front of the camera, he revealed himself and managed to get the most sincere and emotional shots! Thanks again!

Tanya shot our wedding in June. The day was a great success, with Tanya together starting in the morning of the bride and almost until the last guest. The most important thing is that Tanya is very easy and there was no embarrassment and excitement. Tanya managed to do everything, and suggest poses for filming and tell where to go to the registry office and what to do. The very first thing after booking the date of the wedding, I arranged a meeting with Tanya, and in January I realized that Tanya was a professional in her field. Thank you for being with us and made a million photos of dreams.

Tanya, my dear. I want to write for so long .... for a year now I review our photos and it seems to me that I will watch them endlessly. You are so clever, you are really doing what comes from your heart ... It's so much yours, you are unrealistically cool ... There are a lot of beautiful photo shoots and responsive clients for you. 

I appealed to you more than once, and now I am sure that not only our significant event will not do without you. Keep it up!

Tanya, your work has exceeded all our expectations! On the wedding day, you were not only a photographer, but also a holiday coordinator. You managed to quickly find a place to take pictures in case of rain, organize all the guests and do everything possible to make me comfortable in a long dress. You were our good fairy, we can’t even imagine how we would manage without you! 

And the photos ... Tanya, they are just fabulous! You managed to convey all the emotions and the most touching moments. We look at the photos and as if we are living through that beautiful day. Thank you for this fantastic feeling! 
From all guests to you a huge hello and words of gratitude. With you it was easy and easy! Tanya - you are a very nice person and professional in communication!

Many thanks to photographer Tanya - for their professional approach, for their amazing photos! The most exciting moments are captured by the best angles. Tanya is a master of her craft, and a wonderful person. It was very pleasant to communicate, and everything was done at the highest level. I can safely recommend to everyone I know, and the next photo only with Tanya. Thank you very much!

Thank you Tanya you very much! Thanks to you, we have gentle and such personal photos that convey that magical setting!

Thank you very much, Tanya!

You are a master of your craft!
All photos turned out very realistic and strong !!!
You were able to catch all our emotions and pass on the photo !!!
You are unreal cool!
We were very pleased, thank you!

So, together with Tanya, we have already held three weddings, first a wedding, at which we were witnesses, a year later, at our wedding, we had no doubts who to call, and the last time we advised Tanya to our friends. What can I say, firstly, at each event Tanya creates a special atmosphere, it is very easy and pleasant to her, and secondly, the photos are chic, not a single moment is left unattended. And I will advise everyone to apply only to Tanya, the result will be the best.

And now a personal appeal. Tanya, at every opportunity I tell you that your work is awesome, it is very pleasant to be with you at the event. The quality and speed of processing photos at the highest level. At any event, and even without it only to you!

Thank you very much, Tanya, for professionalism! We were worried that a photo session with a dog would not be the way we would like, but the result suggests the opposite, wonderful photos, caught the brightest moments, knows how to work not only with people, everything is fast, smooth, very satisfied with the result !!!

Tanya shot our wedding. Then the discharge of the baby from the hospital. Now the question of choosing a photographer for important events has disappeared. Tanya thank you so much for professionalism for your attitude to your work, for beautiful high-quality pictures that have a soul, a moment, sincerity .. and surpassed expectations !!!!! in general, all that. what I want to see in the end !!! Thousand thanks! Such a smart memory thanks to you!

We now recommend you to everyone!

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