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I work in St. Petersburg, Russia,

and constantly in Europe (16 countries),

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5 FACTS About me

- I am Tanya Ananeva, a Russian photographer who works both in St. Petersburg, and in different countries of Europe. Most often I work in France, Italy and Iceland;


- I have been a photographer for 8 years;


- I have shoot about 100 weddings, 350 individual photosessions and 700 reportages

 in 16 countries;


- I finished the department of photography and I have been a teacher of photograthy for 5 years;


- I am a very positive and sincere person, so  a photosession will be smooth. 


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Wedding photography

Wedding photography is my main specialization,

You can capture an event anywhere in the world, both on your wedding day and after,



Other types of shooting

Love stories
Individual photo shoots
Business photography

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